About labourlawblog

I’m a Phd research student at the school of law, University of Bristol.  This blog is for stuff I can’t squash into my thesis.  It’s a place to record and ponder, to try out ideas, practice writing in an accessible style and learn from your comments and feedback.

Posts are organised around four themes:

  • workplace rights
  • economic inequality
  • trade unions
  • precarious employment

Coming together, Manchester Stop the War Demonstration


The background photo I took at the Stop the War Demo in Manchester.  It’s one of my favourites.  I love the early morning shadows and I love the placard message.  I’d forgotten to take my camera so nipped into a newsagent to buy a disposable.  It was liberating to have no option other than to point and shoot with a fixed lens, not having the supposed luxury of exposure choices or a zoom option.  The image quality is not great but the photo makes me smile whenever I see it.


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